Investment Advisory Support

Up and Running’s team of investment support professionals have more than two decades of cumulative experience in brokerage management – expertise we will apply to increase the efficiency and productivity of your investment advisory operations.

We are specialists in Tamarac PortfolioCenter software. In fact, we have been beta testing consultants for PortfolioCenter since 1988. We also are authorized consultants for Tamarac Back Office Administration, serving as a third party provider for back office administration custom services.

Whether you are using PortfolioCenter as enterprise software or a hosted platform, we can tailor PortfolioCenter to deliver maximum value with customized back office solutions. Every Up and Running client receives custom advisory services scaled to meet their needs. Whether you need daily reconciliation or help with an audit at the end of the quarter, we can help.

Our Investment Advisory Support Services for PortfolioCenter include:

  • Daily download and reconciliation for various custodians
  • Design and implementation of reports and billing
  • Model and index deployment
  • Monthly index retrieval collation
  • Researching and entering historical data
  • Database cleanup
  • Data system overhauls
  • Cost basis entry and generating invoices and customized reports
  • Training and troubleshooting
  • Help desk support

Isn’t your time too valuable to deal with back office concerns?

Focus on what you do best – advising your clients – and leave the administrative work to us.

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